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Queensland mega miner calls for 40 new apprentices

Glencore is seeking about 40 apprentices to apply for careers beginning in January.

Shell QGC fined $60k for coal seam gas water spill

Major coal seam gas developer find for water leak from pump station.

Talisman Sabre wrap: “We’re preparing for war”

War games wrap up against the backdrop of rising tensions with China

Northern war games rage as Chinese spy ship hovers

Exercise Talisman Sabre carried out across the north and Capricorn coasts of Queensland

Kernaghan’s “high octane” show at Mount Isa Rodeo

Lee Kernaghan shares some memories from the Mount Isa Rodeo and his excitement to be returning.

Bollywood superstar’s new life in country Queensland

German-Indian actress Evelyn Sharma talks about her new life in rural Australia

Police close Qld’s largest cattle duffing case in decades

Two North Queensland cattle crooks locked up over theft of nearly 1,000 head of cattle.

North Queensland savanna becomes mock warzone

17,000 strong international troops descend on North Queensland for Talisman Sabre wargames

Chinook choppers’ spectacular Townsville touchdown

AUSTRALIA recieves heavy-lift battlefield helicopters in half a billion dollar US deal

Growing church realises major hall expansion dream

Country Hope Church moves in to new $1.7 million hall funded entirely by members

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