I always get excited when I hear people tell me that a favourite recipe of theirs is “sooo easy”, but we all know that’s not always the case.

Usually it’s a 20-step Ottolenghi-style process, which requires a sous vide machine at minimum – but I swear, this minted lamb casserole is the real deal. 

It’s a guaranteed mid-week crowd pleaser, even though it only has 6 ingredients.

All you have to do is chuck it in a pot, wait a bit and you’ll have yourself some good tucker.

I hope your family and loved ones enjoy it as much as my partner and I do (every Thursday night !).


1.5kg of diced lamb

2x 375ml tins of Heinz big red tomato soup

2x onions (diced)

3x garlic (crushed) 

Large bunch of mint (chopped)

Half a pack of frozen peas


1. Dice onions and put in casserole dish with oil….cook for 15 mins constantly stirring until translucent…then add crushed garlic and salt and pepper…stir around.

2. Add in diced lamb- no need to brown beforehand. Also add in tomato soup and mint. 

3. Cook for 2 hours roughly on low heat…check as you go but until the meat is soft….then 20 mins before serving add in peas.

4. You can either eat this on its own or serve with brown rice and top with Parmesan cheese, chopped mint or parsley from the garden if you’d like. 

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