TO CELEBRATE the huge achievement and milestone of its 50th anniversary, the renowned Glenmorgan Art Group is showcasing some of its best work with a seven-week exhibition at the Dogwood Crossing gallery in Miles.

The Glenmorgan Art Group was established in 1970 and three of its founders remain active members today, highlighting the group’s remarkable passion and commitment to its craft.

The event in Miles is titled 2020 Vision: Glenmorgan Art Group 50th Anniversary Exhibition and it’s now actually 51 years in the making – celebrations were cancelled last year due to the pandemic.

2020 Vision will be on display at Dogwood Crossing from April 6th to May 15th. Organiser are hoping for a large public attendance at the offical opening on the night of Friday, April 9th.

On the following day, April 10th, the group will host a workshop with well-known post war and contemporary artist Jenny McDuff.

When asked by the Caller how the group the managed to stand the test of time despite monumental change and development in the community over the past half decade, members Shiree Wenham and Cindy Grimes (picture L-R above) both mentioned the term “encouragement”.

“At the core of the group are people who take their art practice very seriously,” Cindy said.

“It’s fact that we can bounce off other people and get that feedback and encouragement from working with eachother. But we’re always looking at ways to learn and grow as artists.”

Shiree added: “I joined the group because I think my husband got sick of me saying ‘oh look at the that sunset, isn’t that beautiful, I’d love to paint it’. I was eventually put in touch with the ladies.

“They’re just lovely, there’s so much encouragement. Pretty much everything that I’ve learnt, I’ve learnt at art group.

“Some people go fishing, some people play golf – whatever – it’s just that thing that you need to release and relax. It’s just really encouraging to be around these ladies who feel so passionate about it and are here to help me learn.”

For all information on the Glenmorgan Art Group and the exhibition visit the group’s official Facebook page.

Below are works by some of Glenmorgan Art Group’s foundation members. Click to highlight.

(Clockwise – ‘Still Waters’ by Dorothy Gordon who passed away in 1985, ‘Bungle Verticals’ by Carol McCormack, ‘Tree Fern’ by Jane Bridle, and ‘Saltbush’ by Penny Murphy.)

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