COST-SAVING sustainability projects for two Wandoan community groups have been completed thanks to funding from one of the major resource companies operating in the area.

The Wandoan Show Society and the Wandoan Chamber of Commerce and Industry received grants from Shell QGC’s Communities fund, which focused on renewable energy and sustainability projects.

Show society volunteers will no longer have laborious task of manually shifting heavy sprinkler units in the lead-up to events in the arena.

Shell QGC grant money has allowed the committee to purchase a state of the art self propelling irrigator which allows groundkeepers to ‘set and forget’ the sprinkler system when the field needs water.

“Each of the old (watering) pods are heavy and someone usually ends up having to shift them on their own, and that’s a big job,” said Wandoan Show Society president, Ross Stiller.

“This can lead to under-watering and over-watering, with the wet patches and dry patches causing surface issues.

“Now the water is spread more evenly across the grounds and across each of the groups. It means we can make sure each of the areas (at the showgrounds) the different groups use look their best… we can get a lot better use out of it.

The show society recently completed a major refurbishment and relaying of turf across most areas of the showgrounds.

The new sprinkler system will ensure facilities are better maintained for the several community groups which use them.

Wandoan Show Society president Ross Still with the new self propelling sprinkler system. IMAGE: Supplied

The Wandoan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCI) has used grant funding to install a solar power system at the Wandoan Surf Club.

The Surf Club is a community run printing and publishing service located in the centre of town. WCCI secretary Margarette Sinnamon (main picture) said the new solar power system would potentially halve the organisation’s electricity costs.

“Being a not-for-profit we are always looking at our overheads and running costs so that we can continue to provide affordable services to community groups and businesses in Wandoan.

“We had thought about (installing solar panels) but it’s a big outlay and without having access to the funding it wouldn’t have happened for a long time… so we grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

“It means we can keep our costs down at a manageable rate and that we won’t see a major increase in our ongoing costs for the forseeable future.”

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