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A COMMERCIAL and industrial cleaning business based in the Surat Basin is branching out with a new retail venture, continuing what’s been a hugely successful move from Western Australia into regional Queensland seven years ago.

Sheraton Products has opened its doors on the Warrego Highway at Chinchilla, supplying an extensive range of commercial and industrial cleaning products, as well as hospitality and party supplies.

“It’s very simple. We make a promise, we say we’re going to do a job properly, and then we do it.”

Ivan Erpel, Sheraton Group

The proprietors are Ivan Erpel and his son Jermaine, who established Sheraton Group commercial cleaning services in Perth and built a strong reputation on the west coast for excellent customer service.

Ivan Erpal and shopkeeper Bobby May Ward at the new Sheraton Products cleaning supplies store on the Warrego Highway at Chinchilla.

In 2014 the Erpels’ clients in the WA hospital industry connected them with the then Chinchilla-based Byrne family, former owners of the Club Hotel.

“I’d been to Brisbane once before but nowhere else in Queensland,” Ivan Erpel said.

“When the job at the Club Hotel came up I thought ‘where the hell is Chinchilla?’ But we decided to give it a go. We got here and we loved it so much we decided to stay.”

While continuing to expand their commercial cleaning operations in WA, the Sheraton Group has gone from strength to strength in Queensland.

“We do what we say we’re going to do. It’s very simple”

Ivan Erpel

Their first cleaning contract at the Club Hotel lead to several more jobs in the local hospitality industry.

They’ve also landed work with the Columboola solar farm and now have high rise hotel cleaning contracts in Broadbeach, Brisbane and Caloundra.

“I always thought that trying to conquer the city is very difficult, so when they offered me this job here in Chinchilla, in the country, I thought it was perfect,” Ivan said.

“I decided to build the business here, outside in the country, and then go into the city. 

Ivan credits the company’s success to its focus on putting reliability, for both customers and staff, above all else.

“We do what we say we’re going to do. It’s very simple. We make a promise, we say we’re going to do a job properly, and then we do it.

“You can get cleaners anywhere, but can you get trust and honesty? That’s what the clients want at the end of the day.”

As well as commercial and industrial cleaning products, Sheraton Products offers a range of hospitality and party supplies.

Now Ivan and Jermaine have established Sheraton Products, which sells cleaning, hospitality and party supplies, from a fully stocked shop front directly opposite the Chinchilla skatepark.

Ivan said with such constant industrial and commercial activity in the Western Downs and wider Surat Basin region, there was “definitely” demand for cleaning products that are unavailable at local supermarkets.

“We actually tried to set up a retail business a few years ago but the building was severely damaged by hail before we could even open up,” he said.

“It thought about it for a while and eventually decided to set up a shop again, because the town needs it.

“Anyone can say they can get something cheaper, but they’ve either got to drive or pay for postage.”

At Sheraton Products store, those who have offices, commercial kitchens, workshops or residential cleaning businesses of their own can purchase cleaning chemicals and equipment in bulk.

There’s also a range of hospitality products such as glasses, jugs and wipes, and a range of party supplies, from streamers to balloons.

“For me, even if I have to pay a few bucks extra, I’d rather buy it here. It saves you having to travel all the time. It saves you the time and petrol,” Ivan said.

“We welcome anyone in the area to come and have a look at what we have to offer.”

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