NATHAN McDonald is running as the United Australia Party candidate for Maranoa in the federal election on 21 May.

McDonald has spent most of his life in Maranoa. Goondiwindi born and bred, he grew up on his family’s beef and grain properties in the Billa Billa district north of his home town.

After leaving school, McDonald studied education and after several years working as a teacher, he moved into school leadership.

For ten years McDonald has led two school communities as Principal, most recently at Chinchilla Christian College which grew from 171 to 468 students under his leadership.

McDonald was an LNP member until November last year when he became disillusioned with the party and gravely concerned about the direction that the country was heading in.

United Australia Party candidate for Maranoa, Nathan McDonald, with his family at the Chinchilla Botanic Parkland. IMAGE: Supplied

As McDonald said, “Under the LNP, our national debt has increased to around 1 trillion dollars, a massive figure which will place our
country under considerable strain for many years to come.”

McDonald was shocked when the LNP committed to net zero emissions by 2050 in October of last year.

He said that he never thought this would happen, especially given earlier in February Nationals’ leader Barnaby Joyce declared, “If The Nationals supported net-zero emissions we would cease to be a party that could credibly represent farmers.”

Of net zero, McDonald said, “I fear it will threaten Australia’s world class industries, including our agricultural industry, and affect our standard of living. I am also concerned about what net zero will mean for the provision of reliable, affordable electricity into the future. With the UAP team, I want to see manufacturing return to Australia, but this won’t happen with rising energy costs. We need to review energy policy in this country.”

McDonald said he was also disappointed with the government’s management of the pandemic.

He asserted, “I’ve seen first-hand, as I’m sure most have, the toll taken by confusing, inconsistent and unfair policy over the last two years. The division in families and communities, the struggles of local businesses, increased mental health issues and people losing their jobs because of a personal health choice are all impacts felt by those in Maranoa. People are hurting, who I know and love, along with people right across the electorate; and rather than strong leadership bringing us together, our leaders have driven that division, fear and loss.”

McDonald believes our country is in bad shape and that at this election, it’s time to get it back on the right path. He says, “We need a strong government that will genuinely serve the interests of the Australian people. The United Australia Party, a genuine alternative to the failing major parties, is committed to restoring our freedoms and putting Australia first. If we keep voting the same old way, we are going to get the same old results. It’s time for change.”

United Australia Party candidate for Maranoa, Nathan McDonald at his family property “Goondooee” north of Goondiwindi. IMAGE: Supplied

He went on to say, “UAP’s policies, with their strong focus on rural Australia, key infrastructure spending in the regions, investment and targeted tax cuts, align with my vision for my electorate.”

In particular, McDonald believes that UAP’s zonal taxation policy that provides for a 20% tax concession for individuals and businesses located more than 200 kms from a capital city would help encourage growth and investment in the regional communities of Maranoa.

He said, “The electorate of Maranoa generates considerable revenue for the government. I believe it’s only fair that tax payers in my electorate would receive this tax concession and end up with more money in their pockets.”

He is also excited about UAP’s plans to save Australian homes by freezing home loan interest rates below 3% for the next five years and to pay down our national debt within 20 years by introducing a 15% export licence on iron ore.

McDonald stated, “By getting our national debt under control, we can introduce targeted tax cuts, increase the age pension and have free higher education in Australia once again.”

McDonald describes himself as someone who has lived a life true to his values, who stands up for freedom, truth, accountability, transparency and integrity.

He believes that having been a leader of a school community and as someone who has deep ties to the agricultural lifeblood of our electorate, he is in a unique position to understand the needs of Maranoa families, communities and producers.

McDonald said, “I am ready to listen to and work hard for the people of my electorate. I will get the job done and deliver a truly thriving Maranoa. If you want someone with these values and with this commitment and vision representing you, vote 1 McDonald for Maranoa.”

Nathan McDonald, the UAP candidate for Maranoa, can be contacted by emailing or by phoning 0407 221 308.

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