A RARE collection of 40 Series Landcruisers is about to go to auction in Central Queensland, sparking huge interest from potential buyers nationwide and overseas.

Pickles auctioneer Geoff Payne said he’d been taking calls all the way from the United States.

“Everybody we talk to, it’s nostalgia,” Mr Payne said. “They have a story about why they want it. They’re buying them for nostalgic purposes.

“They’re slow and uncomfortable but they’re just part of Australian history.

“I’ve been in this for 20 years, I’m not into cars but even I’ve been swept up in it. Even I want to buy one.”

40 Series Landcruisers ready for auction. IMAGE: Kentos Komms

The collection of 45 cars and chassis, along with 50 pallets of parts from the 1970s and 80s, is thought to be the most extensive in Australia for these types of vehicles.

The rusty cruisers represent decades of dedicated collecting by two Central Queensland mates.

The pair would venture far and wide to rescue the abandoned and forgotten vehicles from paddocks and sheds.

Speaking exclusively to the Caller, one of the collectors, who asked not to be named, said it was “all about the adventure”.

“We’d get a call saying there was an old 40 at Clermont, we’d jump in the car to go get it,” he said.

Ready for their next adventure. IMAGE: Kentos Komms

When asked why people have such a fascination with the iconic outback vehicle, the collector said it seemed like almost everyone had a story about a 40 Series Landcruiser.

“I’m getting a lot of people saying they had one when they were a kid,” the anonymous collector said.

“Malcolm Douglas was in them, Steve Irwin was in them. Anyone who was anyone had a 40s series,” he said.

The pair said they didn’t have time for as many adventures these days, prompting the decision to finally part with the enormous collection.

As for where these vehicles might go next, Geoff Payne said he had a few ideas.

Geoff Payne in one of the cruisers for sale. IMAGE: Kentos Komms

“A lot of this is going to go to collectors,” Mr Payne said.

“Some people will put them in their front yard and reminiscence, some will go back on the road. Someone might just buy one for one part.”

He said he was gearing up for hot competition when the auction goes live on the Pickles website, this Friday May 6th.

“Toyota fanatics are fanatical,” he said. “There’s a massive following.”

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